Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I Learned This Week Part 2

A few things I learned this week along with some pictures of my cute kids! :-)

1. Naps make a big difference for everyone! The kids are happier, and I get to rest and get a few things done!! Right now both kids are taking 3 hour naps at about the same time in the afternoon. I am in heaven!

Daddy and John catching a cat nap together!

2. I am going to start using my cast iron and stoneware more for the simple reason: you don't wash it!! Anyway I can buy myself some extra time is well worth it!

Obviously a tummy sleeper!!

3. I am in love with the Gypsy Mama Water Wrap!!! I have been using it when I get in the pool with John because it leaves me with both arms free for Jessica (it is also great in very hot and humid climates for regular everyday use)! By the way, she seems to be remembering more and more of what she learned last year in swimming lessons! Also, John is a huge fan of the swimming pool!!

4. I now carry two sets of keys on me at all times so I can start the car (and consequently the air conditioning) before getting everyone loaded into the car! Also, it is less likely that I will lock myself out of the car, WHICH I might add....I have NOT done since I had kids!

How we found Jessica one night when we went to check on her!!

5. We just met our deductible on our new health insurance (as of April) only to find out that we will have a new health insurance probably by next month due to changes in David's job.....grrrrrrr!!

6. I took the kids for their first ride together in the double stroller, and they were both happy as larks!! When it cools off this fall, I think we will be taking a walk every day!!!!! I highly recommend the Kolcraft Contours Double Stroller!!!

John has been holding his head up like this for a couple weeks now!

7. I really am getting the hang of being a mom with 2 kids!!! I am feeling much more comfortable getting out with two of them by myself!

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