Monday, June 7, 2010

Highlights from this Weekend!

John loved his first sink bath!

Jessica learned an important maxim in woodworking: "Measure twice cut once!"

Jessica felt David needed more screws so she got one of her plastic nails because it was a Phillips head!

Some of Jessica's new favorite toys include a block of wood with a screw in it and a dovetail!


  1. Wow, John looks like a BIG BABY! And he looks just like daddy! Congrats :)

    And speaking of babies, I just watched "The Business of Being Born" and really enjoyed it... have you seen it?

  2. He wasn't all that big when he was born (long yes), but he has really put on the weight!!! The doctor asked if I was making gravy instead of milk!

    I have heard of "The Business of Being Born" but have not seen it yet.