Friday, March 26, 2010

Third Trimester (31 weeks)

At 31 weeks, barefoot and pregnant ;-)

Well, we just got back from our loonngg morning at the doctor's office! We got all of our insurance information on file at the hospital (unless David's job changes their insurance - which they have been talking about). We also watched the jaundice video as well as the anesthesia video (which is required in the event that you change your mind, have to have a c-section, etc). This is a much smaller labor and delivery ward than Baptist where we delivered Jessica; however, that may prove to be nice as Baptist managed to loose my dinner for 3 hours after Jessica's delivery. I was pretty hungry and none to happy to get a cold hospital dinner 3 hours later!!! This hospital says that I will get a "celebration dinner" with my choice of steak, roasted chicken, or catch of the day! I also think we will really like our experience at this hospital because this is where my new ob-gyn delivers, and he is totally awesome!! (Seriously, I have never had a doctor give a better exam!) Jessica did great through all of this! Then we took a little break to get a snack and run around Sears. (Jessica really enjoyed the riding lawn mowers and exercise equipment!!)

Just so you can see the watermelon I am carrying under my dress! ;-) By the way, isn't this a cute dress? I was really unsure about the style in the store, but I loved the color! Glad I ended up getting it!

Next on our list was a visit to see my ob-gyn. I have been really tired and feeling very uncomfortable all week. Last night I kept waking up to the sensation of something trying to punch a hole through my cervix!! As it turns out, John has turned to head down! Yay!! The doctor is pretty certain that he will be staying in that position until delivery! He also checked, and although John's head is sitting on my bladder and I have been having strange sensations, I have not started dilating, which is Great News at this point in the game!! Everything else seems to be checking out just right: blood pressure, weight gain, measurements, etc. In case you are curious, I have gained roughly 30 lbs this pregnancy. The same amount I gained with Jessica, which is just perfect for my body. I will need all the extra weight to burn while nursing John and keeping up with a busy 2 year old!! I think of it like a bear putting on weight before winter hibernation!! :-) This last week was pretty tough, but I am feeling good knowing that everything is going along just perfectly! Hopefully I can get some more work done on Jessica's Easter dress this weekend and do some shopping for Passover!


  1. Amy, you're looking great! The dress is super flattering on you! So a steak dinner?! I'm gonna have to come deliver at your hospital! Lucky you!

  2. Thanks! I feel much better this pregnancy....last time I spent the whole time in shock at how quickly my shape changed!!! I'll have to let you know if this "celebration dinner" turns out to be as good as it sounds!