Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh my bags are packed.....I'm ready to go....

Have I ever mentioned that I love Peter, Paul, and Mary? At any rate, I got home a couple hours ago and am about to crash in my bed, but I wanted to post a picture my Dad took tonight before Jessica and I went through security at the airport tonight.

Note the toddler on the back, huge pregnant belly, rolling back with carseat bungee corded on, and the second carry-on on my shoulder....and still smiling!! We got tons of help at the airport and had a very easy trip back home. We really enjoyed our trip to Memphis, but we are glad to be home with Daddy!


  1. Was your back killing you?! This looks torturous to a pregnant back! I will say--great job on the organization of it all! Glad y'all had a fun trip. :)

  2. Audra...I am convinced that the Ergo Carrier was the best $100 I ever spent!!!! It really was very comfortable...even pregnant!!! I had my doubts since I carry so low, but it was awesome!!!! I highly recommend it. It works up to 40lbs. You can get a newborn insert to use it for a newborn, but I think I will just use my baby wrap with John until he gets to about 6 months old or so. It is the perfect, compact way to keep up with a very very busy toddler while on the go and very pregnant....those silly animal backpacks are about worthless with a child like Jessica! And a stroller is anything but compact!