Friday, March 12, 2010

More Walking in Memphis...

Today's "Jessica outing" was a trip to the Memphis Zoo! Jessica's only complaint was that there was too much walking between the different exhibits! She does not do so well with delayed gratification (which makes sense as she is not even 3 yet)! Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle John, and Aunt Ashley went with us. You will see that Jessica and I are dressed in long sleeves and hats to avoid exposure to the sun.

Checking out the monkeys with Aunt Ashley

The whole group minus Grandpa

Jessica's favorite animals are birds and fish

Changing hats with Grandpa

Looking adorable at the Polar Bear exhibit....I can't figure out who her expression looks like in this picture.

Finding something to climb

The sheep are pretty neat.

...but she LOVED the chickens....maybe Daddy will let us get some chickens to raise this spring.....

Checking out the egg in the barnyard

Uncle John, Aunt Ashley, and Jessica riding the cow!

Jessica had a great time at the zoo. She would have preferred more climbing and less looking at animals though! She should be exhausted now....if only she would fall asleep so I can take a nap too! :-)


  1. Wish we had been able to see y'all! We were on a bit of a time crunch.