Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So....tired......can't seem to wake up!

I think the tail end of this pregnancy is beginning to take its toll. I have tried this time around to be appreciative of the fact that 1) I am able to get pregnant and 2) that we have a healthy baby on the way. However, I am really beginning to wear out!!! I also think I am going to have to stop picking Jessica up entirely for the rest of this pregnancy. I am carrying so low that I get weird sensations when I pick her up. We are going to the doctor Friday, so I will ask questions, post a picture and an update then.

PS I am also beginning to get the urge to start really cooking again! I have zero energy during most of my pregnancies so we do a lot of prepackaged meals and eat out more than usual. Very soon it will be time to change that trend, especially since my babies tend to be sensitive to onions and onions are in almost EVERYTHING! on the look out for some more cooking related posts soon!

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