Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No Boys Allowed!

Ok, so boys are allowed, they just might want to skip this post! This post is about feminine hygeine. Specifically reusable pads and tampons.

I wash cloth diapers all the time now that my daughter breaks out in a horrible rash in the summer if we use disposable diapers. So the other day I got to thinking, "Why in the world am I buying disposable pads if I am already washing cloth diapers?!?!" So today I took the leap! I took a couple extra cloth diapers I had laying around, cut them in half across the middle, serged the cut edges, and safety pinned them into my underwear using the outer sides as wings and a safety pin!

I also took a trashcan with a lid that I had around the house and filled it most of the way with water and set it by the toilet (with a Do Not Open sign on it for my husband!). This is where I am putting the used ones to soak. My plan is to rinse out the trashcan and toss the "pads" in with the washer with the bucket of dirty diapers for a rinse cycle or two before washing.

I have heard that you can make your own using flannel and such, but I just wanted something quick and easy to try. It seems to be working really well for me, but I also tend to have long, light cycle so this method might not work as well for the person with a heavy cycle. I have also heard that you can make a tampon using a baby sock rolled up. I must say I find the idea interesting but have not tried it yet. For anyone who is interested, there are websites Link out there that sell pre-made reusable pads that may work better for those with heavier cycles.

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