Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pictures from Our Trip

So, the family (aka my sister, Kim) has informed me that they would like to see pictures from our trip. I have posted a few below; however, some of the pictures are on our dads' cameras so I don't have a picture of everyone. I need to get copies when we go up at Christmas. Enjoy!

Jessica hanging out with Aunt Katie.

Jessica and Mommy jumping in the pool on the last day we were there (she was not so sure about the pool the first day and still is afraid of the water).

Playing in the pool with the family (again the last day we were there).

Jessica hanging (literally) out with Uncle Adam

....and Uncle John.

Proof that David was there.

John talking to Grandma Beth.

Best picture yet of me and John.

Jessica and Uncle Scott playing Ninja Turtles!

Uncle Scott taking a break to hold baby John.

My mom's side of the family meets baby John.

Jessica's accommodations for the trip.....the only place I felt was safe enough.....a walk-in closet!

Jessica cooking with "Aunt" Susie.

Jessica causing mayhem and mischief with Aunt Ashley.

Jessica causing mayhem and mischief with Aunt Kim.

"Aunt" Susie with baby John.

John meeting my dad's side of the family.

Aunt Kim making baby John laugh!

Aunt Ashley making baby John laugh!

Meeting the great-grandparents.

Jessica in the pool the first day -- My thought was that if I let her explore the pool in her own way and did not pull out her swimsuit maybe....just maybe she would get over her fear of water. Well, it didn't work. She is still terrified even though she remembers how to swim so I am just biting the bullet and signing her up for a private swimming lesson this winter because I don't think my nerves can take making her swim....

Overall, a wonderful trip!! My apologies for not getting pictures of everyone!

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