Sunday, September 12, 2010

I love playing Santa Claus!!!!

I am a big kid at heart....that's why I had to become a School Psychologist....I couldn't work at a job where I didn't get to play or act up all day! ;-) I have been thinking about Christmas for a while now, but I have finally finalized my Christmas plans for the kiddos....and I am sooo excited that I am about to BURST!!!!! (and I already told several people!!!)

Christmas at our house is predominately homemade. We started doing this for several reasons. First and foremost we did it to save money, but we also enjoy doing it. I remember my parents making gifts for me and my siblings, and I have always treasured those gifts the most because my parents took the time to make something just for me!

Recently, Jessica seems to be particularly taken with dolls....specifically dolls with hair (since all of hers are bald). So, for Christmas we have decided to build her a small baby doll care center (a changing table type of thing) and get her a doll with hair. I had wanted to get her an American Girl style doll because you can easily find patterns for making clothes, but I did not want to spend that much money. Well, tonight I found some knock-off American girl dolls online!! Michaels actually carries the Springfield dolls for $20. I also found a 50% off coupon!!! So tomorrow I am going to Michaels to buy Jessica a $10 American Girl styled doll!!!! (I am just a wee bit excited!!!) I am also planning to make Jessica a fury red bathrobe out of my old bathrobe to match the Elmo house shoes my mom bought her for Christmas (My mom starts Christmas shopping early's a disease!)....I may make Jessica's doll a bathrobe too.....we'll see. Other than that I am planning to make her a quiet book (because John is getting one and she will want one too) and fill her stocking with fruit and perhaps a Little People item off ebay.

John is getting a set of shakable containers filled with things like rice, bells, beans, colored water, etc. He is also getting some soft blocks, a quiet book, and a homemade outfit. His stocking will be stuffed with foods he is eating at that time.

So far everything is homemade except for the doll, the fruit, and possibly a Little People item. I am estimating the kids Christmas to cost us a total of $20 plus any wood David needs for the baby changing center....hopefully not too much.....we already have the paint, fabric, etc. I'm so excited!!!!!!! I hope I can sleep tonight!!!! Details and pictures to follow!!!!!!

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