Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm Baacckk!!!!

We just got back tonight from our trip to visit family! It was 9 hours up there and 9.5 hours back. The kids did really well! On the way up we stopped twice, and on the way back we stopped 3 times. We had maybe an hour of fussing total each way. Overall not bad for 18.5 hours in a Firebird with 2 small children! This was our first trip with John. Each time we take our first trip with a new baby, I learn new things that work to sooth them. John enjoys traveling first thing in the morning, having a blanket on him, listening to The Lion King, talking to toys with eyeballs, and sleeping with a burp cloth on his face. When Jessica was a baby, she liked traveling when it was light outside, listening to lullabies or ocean sounds, looking at pictures stuck on the backseat, and sucking on different shaped pacifiers. I mentioned earlier that we do not have a dvd player in the car. Yet again, Jessica amazed us with her creativity!!

How she looked for most of the trip up there! John was not crying. She just wanted to wear her earmuffs!

The yo-yo toy makes a great earring!

Yet something else you can do with a slinky...

We took lots of pictures and had a great time!! It was really nice to be able to stay so long. We were actually able to enjoy being there instead of running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to cram everything we want to do in a short period of time! (However, it may take me a week or two to get our house back in order!!) More to come later.....now off to my own bed!!!

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