Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saving Money on Medical Bills

I suppose there are many ways you could choose to save money on medical bills; however, some of those ways could be detrimental to you health...such as not getting treatment for an ailment that requires immediate treatment. There is one thing that I do that does not negatively affect our health and that ends up saving us hundreds of dollars every year on medical expenses. I always pay by credit card over the phone and ask each company if they will give me a discount for paying the amount in full. Surprisingly, most of the time I can get a discount of close to 25% after our insurance has paid (If it was not covered by our insurance, I can usually get close to 50% off)!!! I was doing this the other day, and David asked "Why in the world are you asking for a discount?" I told him that asking for a discount has saved us lots of money in medical bills over the last several years but that the companies won't offer it unless you ask....he was quite impressed! :-)

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  1. Congratulations on having the sense to ask for discounts from doctors and hospitals. It certainly does not hurt to ask.

    At Medical Bill Helper we have professional negotiators who can extract larger discounts than what most people can obtain on their own. We only charge if we save at least 10 percent.