Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh Wow!

That was the first thing out of Jessica's mouth once we got through the gate at the air show and saw all of the airplanes! We also heard a lot of "airplanes" and "What's that?!?" We stayed all day (although we got there a little late), and Jessica was quite the trooper! She looked at everything and wanted to go in all the planes! She wore her ear muffs and enjoyed looking through a pair of binoculars (truly an aspiring geek)! We sat down to watch the F-22 and the Thunderbirds towards the end (when she should have been taking a nap), and she did great! You might also notice from the pictures that David got quite red but that Jessica and I did not....we wore sunblock! Here are some pictures from our day:

Proof that I was there (8 months pregnant I might add)!

Jessica wanted to get in every helicopter and plane that we saw!

I think she actually wanted to fly them....

She also had to inspect the underside of every plane and asked "What's that?!?!" a lot!!!

Using binoculars at an air show make you look cool!

Jessica in her enviably fashionable headgear!

David with his "mini me!"

On a side note, yesterday, some of my friends in the neighborhood came by to get me for a surprise baby shower! They conspired with my husband to take me out to lunch and get our toes done (mine are glittery midnight blue)! They also gave us some cute baby clothes! It was a lot of fun!! Tomorrow we have a baby shower at church so that should be fun as well! Overall, it's just been an "Oh Wow!" kind of a weekend!!

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