Thursday, April 15, 2010

Front Porch Friday: Nesting?

I am not sure if this is "nesting" behavior or not. I NEVER experienced ANYTHING that could even resemble "nesting" behavior with Jessica! Recently, my cravings have switched gears from only refined sugars to steak and ice water! I have actually been interested in cooking dinner for the first time in months!!! See the feast I made for dinner tonight (almost completely from scratch)!!

I got all of the baby stuff put away, and the guest room is almost ready for visitors! (My brother, Scott, and his wife, Ashley, will be visiting a couple weeks after John is born while David is traveling again for work. We are excited about getting to see them, and I know Aunt Ashley will enjoy loving on Jessica and John!) I am also getting to do a little consulting work with a local private school and really enjoying myself! I love staying home with my babies, but it is nice to get back into the classroom periodically to evaluate a problem that is stressing everyone out, find a simple solution, and be hailed as a "miracle worker!" This weekend I am hoping to add more items to Jessica's baby doll diaper bag! We also have several fun activities planned: going to my doctor's appointment, a dinosaur exhibit, lunch out with friends, a local stargazing event, dinner with friends, a cookout,...just to name a few! It is wonderful to live in a place with so many friends to substitute in for family when family is not close by!

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