Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making a House a Home: Kiddie Room

At last the long awaited second post in our Making a House a Home series! The room featured this time is the Kiddie Room! Overall, we estimate that we spent a total of $50 on this room. These are pictures of the room before we moved in.

Once we bought the house, I immediately started figuring out where we were going to put the furniture. We decided to put the furniture that had been in my husband's room as a child in the Kiddie Room. Once my mom found out we were pregnant, she gave us the rocking chair that she had used to rock me and a used crib. The next thing I started thinking about was what other items I wanted to go in the Kiddie Room. I had a Noah's Ark collection as a child that I decided would be the perfect addition to this room, especially since it was gender neutral, and I do not plan on redoing this room for a very long time!

The first thing we did upon moving in was repaint the room. The previous paint job was very sloppy, and I like to use variants of the primary colors in my house because just about every color will go with them! We chose a light blue because it is gender neutral and would hopefully enlarge the room. We also decided to put up crown molding as it is hard to avoid painting the ceiling when you have a popcorn celing! David did a very nice job on that! We also decided to put up a border. I had a hard time finding a Noah's Ark border that did not look inappropriate for a boy or small child, but I finally found a vibrant looking border at Lowe's!

Now it was time to start getting the room ready for the arrival of our precious little bundle! We were given everything and more that we would need for the baby. As it turns out, we did not buy a single thing except for a few posters for her room. My mom bought us fabric for a curtain, crib bedding, and a dust ruffle for the bunk bed. (I plan to put a toddler trundle under there eventually so that the room could accommodate a maximum of 4 small children. It would also leave a little spare room under the bed for storage!) Going along with our Noah's Ark theme, I decided to decorate her crib bumper with Hebrew letters. (Infants can only see high contrast when they are born, and I thought she might enjoy looking at the letters.) I also framed our names in Hebrew and English with the meaning. The posters I selected also had Hebrew on them. (My husband is a quarter Jewish, and I am a big fan of teaching children about family history.) And now for a brief tour around the room of the wall hangings!

Finally, we were down to the finishing touches. My dad wrote Jessica's name on a white board for the door. I can use it now to remind myself of when she needs to take medicine, etc, and later she can use it to keep track of her own activities. We also took apart her ceiling fan and spray painted the brass parts. It turned out great and very economical!

I should also note that although this was not included in the price to redo the room, we have been replacing all of the blinds and door knobs in the house because the builder had selected very cheap ones that were not in great condition after being used by a family of 5 before us. However, even if you included those expenses, we only spent a total of $80 preparing a place in our new home for our first child! Not bad if you ask me! Amazing what you can do with a little fabric, paint, posters, effort, and creativity!

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