Wednesday, July 22, 2009

10 Things that Cut Costs

With the economy on everyone's mind, many people are searching for yet one more way to cut household expenses. These are 10 things we have done to cut costs over the years at our house. Feel free to post any ways you have been able to cut costs around your house.

1. Cut out Cable TV
2. Use cloth diapers
3. Grocery shop once a month (saves on gas and fewer impulse buys)
4. Learn to cook using cheap cuts of meat
5. Ration expensive foods like milk and meat but so you still meet your dietary needs
6. Use homemade wipes
7. Do repairs yourself
8. Don't go shopping unless you really need something and only with a list
9. Stay home
10. Limit expenses to: food, shelter, electricity, gas, maintenance, insurance, and phone/internet (personal preference)

1 comment:

  1. We shop twice a month and it saves us money. I do it this way so we can catch the deals at Kroger for more things we need/use. I've heard others who use Walgreens/CVS on a weekly basis to take advantage of their programs. They spend little to no money and get basic necessities like toiletries, grooming supplies, etc. Oh and couponing! It saves us AT LEAST 80 dollars a month!