Friday, January 7, 2011

My Fabulous Husband

David and I did not get each other anything for Christmas this year, but while I was out of town, David made some modifications to a room in our house that I enjoy spending a lot of time in: my kitchen! He bought me a nice chef's knife that he found for a good deal at TJ Max --- mine just put a dent in tomatoes!! (He has also been researching the "correct" way to cut with a knife....I didn't even know there was a "correct" way!!!) He also bought me a knife block for $3 at a thrift store to keep on top of the fridge! (We had been keeping the knives in a casserole dish in a locked cabinet after Jessica came running at me with the chef's knife one day wanting a piece of cheese!!!!) I am not sure if I was more excited about his thoughtfulness or his shopping skills! And.....drum roll please.......he built me this gorgeous spice rack!!!!!!!!!!!

It is made of oak. I have never liked oak, but I love this spice rack. He used linseed oil to finish it. I think I just don't like stains on oak because it makes the grain "pop" out. This has a softer, more natural look.

Previously, my spices had been sitting on top of the upper kitchen cabinets (because Jessica enjoyed opening and dumping my spices all over the counter top)! I am so excited about all of the surprise improvements me made to the kitchen while I was gone!!!!!! I love practical gifts that show that the giver is really paying attention! :-)


  1. Love the spice rack! I wish I had wall space in my kitchen for something like that. I have to use a cabinet, and no pantry either! Aaah, the joy of old houses.

  2. This is true....but I have found some things I HATE about new houses: the walls are not flat, there are no vents between rooms so to get good air circulation you have to leave the doors opened, and they all have cheap fixtures.