Monday, January 24, 2011

Jessica's 3rd Birthday

Part of the reason I have been so busy the last couple weeks is because as soon as we got back from Christmas, I had to start getting ready for Jessica's birthday party. I had it all planned out, but several things didn't go according to plan.....our cat died (more on that later).....the cake didn't turn out right and I had to start all over again....I found out after I got the food that most of the people we invited were sick....It was just one of those weeks!! Amazingly enough the party was just right! This year we did a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme!

I created these cute invitations on the computer and then had them printed out as photos! They turned out really nice looking and cost me a couple dollars!

The decorations were simple enough. I'd had the crepe paper for years, and I bought the balloons for about $1 (ok $2....I lost the first package....which I found.....AFTER the party)!

I made the cake from scratch. It turned out great (the second time)! I made red marshmallow fondant for the face mask (which was amazingly easy), googly eyes for the eyes, and melted semi sweet chocolate chips for the mouth and nose. I had no cake decorating supplies so I did end up purchasing icing coloring and a round tip/bag.

This is another shot of the cake. I also ended up ordering pizza and purchasing paper goods to match the crepe paper. I was going to make homemade pizzas with crazy toppings and use regular plates, but when the cat died, I just couldn't take anymore.

I made felt face masks for party favors! I got the fabric for $1.44 and only used half of it. They wouldn't cut it any smaller.

Borrowing an idea from Shannon, I also made cookies for party favors! I dyed the cookie dough with food coloring and shaped them by hand. Then I put googly eyes on with melted semi sweet chocolate chips and drew a mouth!

For entertainment we set up the old sewer and figures I had as a child along with the turtle van and some of the figures David had as a child!

Jessica opening presents....while her friends are distracted by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video we had playing. We bought those last year for me and Jessica to watch as I lay on the couch trying to keep from getting dehydrated and running to the ER while pregnant with John! That might explain why she likes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so much! :-)

Jessica blowing out her candles! It took 3 tries, but she finally got it!!

The entire party except for David and one of the kids. It ended up being the perfect size! We were all able to have fun and relax!!

Jessica thought the cake was awesome!!!!! In fact, she ate so much of it that it took about a week for her poop to stop turning green....gross, I know!

I debated for at least a month on whether or not to get foam swords for the party.....I wasn't sure how the girls would react. I decided to get some at the last minute (so of course I ended up paying more).....I shouldn't have worried! The kids LOVED them!!!!

A picture of all the kids playing in Jessica's room. This was the best picture I got.....seriously......taking pictures of kids is like herding cats!!!!! you have the story of how my $10 party turned out to be much more expensive, but we all had a great time and enjoyed celebrating Jessica, so I guess that is all that really matters!

A picture of Jessica out in the garage with her daddy for the first time. She hammered, glued, clamped, screwed, measured, marked, sanded, and used a saw! She had a great time!!! This particular picture makes me think of my father-in-law.

The last 3 years have been a fun and crazy ride, and I am sure that what is left to come will be even more exciting!!! Jessica, you are a very sweet and fun child to travel the journey of life with. May you never loose your sweet, compassionate spirit or your exuberance for life. They are gifts that will only bring joy to those blessed to share the journey with you! We love you!


  1. What a great party!...I am loving the cake and the cookies. Too cute.

  2. I'm glad you commented because it reminded me to add a link to your name! I meant to do that last night. We had fun....I am sure next year Jessica will have her own ideas of what she wants to do!