Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Few Pictures

Well, I am still horribly behind from the last few months with Jessica's therapy, LOTS of traveling, the holidays, etc. I am hoping to do a few catch up posts over the next couple weeks. We tried to take a cute picture of our kids tonight in their footie pajamas, but instead we got

We tried the classic pose of sitting them next to each other, but instead we got this...

....and this.....obviously related to my side of the family.....

Then we tried sitting John in front of Jessica, but apparently he doesn't like to be squeezed to death....who knew?!?!?

As a last ditch effort, we tried putting me with a book as a distraction in the can see how well that worked...

Thankfully, we did manage to get one that was halfway decent out of those shenanigans!!! Just so you know that wasn't even close to the total number of shots we took!!!


  1. I love those pictures! Those are the kind that make you look back at and laugh :)

  2. Photo #2 is priceless. This should be shown at both of their rehearsal dinners.

  3. I keep going back and looking at them....they make me laugh every time!!!! Oh goodness gracious...both of those children are going to have oodles of embarrassing/weird/funny pictures to choose from!!!! Although I have to admit, I think #2 is one of the best!!!!