Thursday, May 28, 2009

Front Porch Friday: Milestone Events

This past week or so has been terribly busy! Last week, Jessica had a high fever and rapid pulse, and we had to take her to ER! Her pulse was about 180 bpm!! Turns out she had a virus. Thankfully it only lasted a couple days, but it was a difficult couple days!! Her heat rash also got much worse while she had the high fever. Fortunately, she got better in time for us to go the Memphis for my brother's wedding!

Jessica did really well considering she rode in the car for 9 hours, went immediately to the rehearsal dinner, woke up the next morning and went for wedding pictures when she would usually be napping, and then did the wedding/reception! However, she did decide after the pictures that she was done wearing clothes!! During the wedding, we made life easy on ourselves and sat in the cry room so she could run around and play! The wedding was beautiful! My dad did the ceremony. He is a dentist, but has done at least 5 weddings in the last 5 of 6 years. So far, he has married all of his married children.

We had a wonderful time being in Memphis visiting with the family; however, this past week has had its share of struggles. We have been struggling all week with Jessica's heat rash. I think we are beginning to win that battle, finally! We have also been working with Jessica on toilet training, eating with a spoon, and picking up her toys. She is doing better with using a spoon and picking up her toys, but I think it will be a little while before she is toilet trained around the house!

That brings us to today. I finished up doing a massive amount of grocery shopping in preparation for a game I am playing. I am going to see how little I can spend this summer. Expect an update later! Today also happens to be my birthday (27), and Sunday is our anniversary (6)! May is a big month for me: Mother's Day, my birthday, and our anniversary! Tomorrow some friends of ours have volunteered to watch Jessica so we can go out! We are planning to see Star Trek and go to The Melting Pot, two things we have enjoyed doing together since we started dating! As you can see this week has been full of milestone events! As always, feel free to share what has been going on at your "Front porch" this week!

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