Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas

We had a very nice Christmas with the kids today! This was how the tree looked when we went to bed last night:

All of the kids' piles

What Santa brought Jessica: a doll (with hair!), a baby doll changing table, some fruit, candy, and Care Bears figures.

Cute doll for only $10 huh? Not high quality but perfect for an almost 3 year old!

What Santa brought John: Shakable Containers, Soft Blocks, a Taggie Blankie, and bananas.

Considering how many times a day our cat endures having his hair pulled or being tackled without lashing out, we felt he deserved a little stocking too: cat treats and a new mouse.

The kids checking out what Santa brought them, and the cat enjoying being in the middle of it all!

Jessica wore her new robe!

After checking out what Santa put in her stocking, Jessica helped John unload his stocking! This year John got to use the stocking my great-grandmother made for me. Jessica used it her first Christmas as well. I plan to make him one just like it this year to match the one I made for Jessica.

John really liked his presents....and made some pretty cute faces!

Another cute face!

And Jessica discovered that her baby doll changing table can double as a triple bunk bed!

The kids all seemed to enjoy their gifts from Santa! All in all, a very merry Christmas for only $30!

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