Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We've had several new "firsts" at our house over the past week!

John's first taste of homemade rice cereal.

I started Jessica on cereal at 6 months because that is when babies loose the reflex to push things out with their tongues. She took to it like a duck to water! We started John on rice cereal several weeks earlier than Jessica (because he kept trying to grab all of the food off the table) and most of it ended up on the bib! I am sure he will be a pro by next month once that reflex dissipates!

John's first time swinging outside. (It was Jessica's idea!)

Getting a cute picture of Jessica and John at the same time is like trying to herd cats!

John is getting to be such a big boy!!! He will be in a size 12 months before we know it!! He is always very happy...unless he is tired!! He also loves to talk and be talked to! Also he has recently taken an interest in toys! So far his favorites are: the mirror/bug toys on his bouncer seat, the mirror/animal toys on his walker, the toy on the bebe pod, and a Bright Starts Musical Sea Turtle.....we had borrowed one from a friend and he liked it so well that I ordered him one on ebay.....apparently it wasn't very popular because it is not available anymore! Mostly, he likes any toy with eyeballs!!! Unlike Jessica, John seems to have my interests! He loves playing all of the little games my parents used to play with me! He is a very easy baby who loves to snuggle and talk to you! He also has a spectacular laugh and adores his big sister Jessica!!! John, may you always bring as much joy and laughter to others as you bring to our family! We love you baby boy!

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